Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Part 2

With around 3 days remaining for Father’s Day, you may want ideas for father’s day gifts that are easier and quicker to make. Worry not, we’ve got some fantastic gift ideas that are creative and cute at the same time!

Tie Boxes

Surprise your dad in the morning by having his cereal boxes re-designed. He’s going to love the little touch up on the otherwise boring start to the day! Father’s day just got better 😉

father's day gift boxSource: www.eighteen25.blogspot.in

The Great Remote War

Are you the kind who constantly has fights with their dad on who gets to watch TV? Maybe it’s time to be the bigger person this Father’s Day and hand-over the TV remote to your dad (just for the day though :P). While you’re at it, add this cute little tag to make him smile.

Father's Day Remote Gift

Source: www.somewhatsimple.com/fathers-day-cookies

Best Daddy Hands Down

If you’re the mother of a little baby, and want to show your husband that he’s been an amazing father… why not use a little help from the toddler anyway? This idea is sure to make a memory and touch his heart too!

Father's Day Gift

Best Father’s Day Gift

 Dress up your little monster in this baby romper and have him run to his father. Let the daddy know who’s boss 😉


Source: www.skreened.com/glamfoxx/father-s-day-gift

Please his Heart, Through his Stomach

Like they say, the best way to please a man’s heart is through his stomach. This applies for the loving father’s as well. Cook him a well thought-out meal and have him know that he’s your most special man, any day – everyday!


You can find more recipes – here!

 If you loved these ideas, stay tuned. We have more DIY and gift ideas coming up!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Part 1

Little babies don’t really understand much about special days, and can’t do much either. So, it’s usually up to the mothers to get creative. With Father’s Day in India approaching fast, you may be wondering how you’re going to make the day special for all the Daddies out there. Here’s how! Confetti has compiled a list of 5 fun and unique photographic gift ideas for father’s day you can make for the hero of your child’s life – with the help of your baby!

Twin Feet!

If you have a set of twins, this is the cutest father’s day gift idea you can adopt! Write a cute message on their feet and click a picture! This is something the daddy is going to treasure all his life.



Courtesy: http://www.thehowtomommy.com

Big Feet, Big Shoes!

Dress up your little one in daddy’s cap and shoes. Take a fun picture and use an online software to type up this fun poem alongside.
Funny and touchy – this one is sure to add meaning to the special day.

Father's Day Gift Ideas


Courtesy: http://www.everydaypeoplestudios.com

Daddy loves you too!

Make a cute and playful placard out of an old cardboard piece and hand it to  your baby. Watch the pictures come to life while your little monster plays around with it. Capture the special moments and form a collage out of it as a gift idea for father’s day!

Father's Day Gift Ideas


Courtesy: http://debbydittaphotography.blogspot.in/

Why should babies have all the fun?

These father’s day gift ideas are not only restricted to the babies. Older kids, or YOU can have fun with it too! Get creative and form a message with the form of cut-out letters and a picture collage! Follow the ideas below or let us know one you tried out yourself!

Father's Day Gift IdeasCourtesy: http://www.markballas.com

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Courtesy: http://www.emilysummers-designer.blogspot.com

Do leave a comment with anything fun you tried out for Father’s Day. We will be back with more DIY and craft gift ideas for Father’s Day soon!

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 5

To us the most powerful and impressive fashion statement is ‘Personal style’. Like we promised we are back with our last segment of women who surely dominated fashion at Sunday Soul Sante with their flair and poise. Hold your breath people cause what you are about to see will surely blow your mind. Here’s our final edition of Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion.

Hot Pink Jumpsuit

Paint the Town Pink!

Jumpsuits are a way to go this summer and hot pink surely is the color of the season. We absolutely love this hot pink jumpsuit and its detailing at the neckline. Aptly chosen, the neutral colored flats help in balancing out the outfit. The look is most definitely summery, young, bubbly and cheerful.

High-Low Grey Dress


Dresses, long or short, make the best summer fashion and this lady in grey surely got it right with this one. We are in love with the length and hemline of this asymmetrical dress. The white lace shrug turns the entire look around, turning it from plain to classy. The long wavy hair, black sling bag and shimmer sandals further make the overall look trendy and oh-so-elegant.

Blue jeans white top

Casual yet Absolutely Chic!

You are a true trendsetter if you can make casual wear look absolutely stylish. Our next pick has done just that. She has certainly proved that you do not have to be all ‘done up’ to feel fabulous. The blue ripped and rolled-up denims is spot on and the white off-shoulder top adds just the right amount of glamour to the outfit. We also love how the tan clutch and yellow flats further effortlessly compliment this casual chic style.

Pocahontas Dress


Our final pick is a complete stunner. This style is truly ‘Wow!’ and a complete head turner. Like the wild and free princess, our Indian beauty leaves you smitten by this yellow dress. The cut and colour of the dress perfectly personifies the spirit of summer. What we also love is how the tan belt is used smartly to add shape to the outfit. The orange sling bag and silver flats break the monotony of the outfit and makes it look even more fabulous.  Our favourite add-on to the outfit, though? The perfectly placed tattoo on the calf that we can’t help but love!

With this we sum up our Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion chapter. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we loved writing it. Do continue to follow our posts on fashion, travel, adventure, DIYs, craft and food – we have a page for everyone! But until then, stay fashionable and proudly flaunt your personal style as this is what beautifully sets you apart from the crowd.

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 4

Trends that have no season and are eternal – such fashion to us is ‘personal style’. In our next segment we show you more divas that clearly caught everyone’s attention with their fashion sense and sensibility. Here’s part 4 of our Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion.



Bohemian Rhapsody!

We are a die-hard fan of boho-chic and she surely got it spot on. We are in love with this off shoulder gown. It is fresh, completely flattering and beautifully balanced in terms of print and color. The ‘boho’ look is further accentuated with the feather earrings and flats. Whereas the black belt and sling bag add just the right amount of ‘chic’ to the overall outfit.

Crop Top and Shorts

Go ‘Short Crop’!

High waist shorts, crop top, an over-sized bag and a fedora… With these things a girl can surely beat the heat in style this summer. Well our next pick as done just that. We love how she has teamed all these elements to give us the perfect summer fashion. This look indisputably is young, casual, carefree and fun.

Printed Maxi Skirt

‘Grunge’ it Up in Style!

This style truly captivated us. It is amazingly unique and a complete trendsetter. What we love is the grunge style tied-up-rolled-sleeves denim shirt that surely adds character to the monochrome wrap-around skirt and white flip flops.

Hot Pink Palazzo

Hot Pink Is The New Black!

This look is oh-so-gorgeous in every ‘fashion’ sense of the word. It is effortlessly flirty and mischievous. We are without a doubt infatuated with the hot pink palazzo. What we also love is how she has balanced the bright pop-of-color with a black tube and lace shrug. Also, the layered neck piece further naturally plays up the overall outfit.

Haven’t had enough? Well we didn’t expect you to either. Stay tuned as we will be back  with yet another edition of divas who’s personal style made people stop and take note of them at Sunday Soul Sante.

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 3

Hola Senoritas! Hope all you divas out there had a fun and exciting weekend. As promised we are back with our next segment of fashionistas to kick start your week. Drive away your Monday morning blues by treating your fashion senses with part 3 of our Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion.



Bold as Red, Stunning as Gold!

We are absolutely a fan of this look. Red and gold is often perceived to be a mature combination but we love how she made it fun, bold, youthful and flirty. The printed palazzo, and the red halter teamed with a gold sling bag and jooti surely made the overall outfit unique and trendy.  The highlight of this look is most definitely the cut of the pants that made many a heads turn.


Stylish and Sharky! 

Our next pick is a definite testimony to the fact that style and comfort do go hand in hand. The well-fitted white denims and the casually tucked blue top make the perfect summer casual wear. The true winner is the shark print on her top that offers the right amount of edge to the look. What we also love is her choice of neckpiece and flats that effortlessly spruce up the ensemble.


Wash away the Blues!

We are fond of styles that look unforced yet stunning and these ladies did just that. The long wavy hair, navy blue maxi skirt and beige tank make it a perfectly stylish outfit for summer. On the other hand, we are also in love with the printed denim dress and the bendy on the hair which adds a touch of retro to the look.

IMG_1065 IMG_1071

When in Doubt, Go Monochrome!

Monochrome is a classic style and we love how she looks sophisticated and chic in this long dress. She totally ruled this style by adding a dash of bright pink to the lips and by wearing mustard yellow flats. The look is further accentuated by the hairdo and the bollywood print sling that provide the right amount of drama to make the outfit a sure hit.

Do not worry, we are not done yet. We will be back soon with more personal styles and street fashions that made heads turn at Sunday Soul Sante.

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 2

We are back with more styles, flamboyance and gorgeously dressed women. Here’s part 2 to the Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion.


Do it Derby Style!

The navy blue dress is completely spiced up with the elaborate hair accessory. What we love is the confidence with which she flaunts it. The gold jewelry and the ocher yellow bag add just the right amount of color and class to the overall look.


The Amazing Techni-Colored ‘Dream Skirt’

We are in love with this multi-colored maxi skirt. The black tank balances the explosive colors of the maxi thus making it a perfect outfit. She surely flaunted the perfect summer style.

IMG_1022 IMG_1027

Bowliciously Floral!!!

The floral mid-length skirt and the plain white top surely have summer written all over it. What truly caught our attention was the bow belt as it made the outfit stand out in the crowd. Also, we loved how she experimented with elements of colors by sporting a neon green hair accessory and bright multi-colored bracelet.


Color Block like a Diva

This one is truly a show-stopper. Unconventional in every sense, this outfit was bold yet refreshing. Color blocking is always a risk but here it surely paid off. We love how the electric blue tube, lime green palazzo and the hot pink bag are so naturally teamed together. And we must mention how the black belt is smartly worn to perfectly balance the look.

Stay tuned for more styles that truly re-defined fashion at Sunday Soul Sante. Be assured that the list is just getting better and better.

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion

Fun, Flea, Food, Music…. Oh and how can we forget Bohemia with loads of chic fashion and hippie love! Strolling around on a lazy Sunday at Soul Sante, we were truly awestruck with how well all flea market revelers were dressed. To top it off, they carried it off with such élan that we didn’t have a choice but to put it down on our list of ‘Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion’.

Fashion and style to us is not about what is trending but more about ‘personal style’.  And we thought to ourselves, what better place to look for this, than Soul Sante? Vibrant colors, ethnic prints, contemporary and fusion wear, color blocking, bold and demure…. Uff the list is endless. Be assured, we drove our photographer mad in our quest to capture these beautifully dressed women.

So let’s have the *Drum Roll*!!! We present to you these gorgeous women who ruled fashion with their own signature look, confidence and attitude.


Flower Power

The floral palazzo is a hit and the lace camisole adds the right amount of oomph. Wearing floral pants is always tricky and we love how she made it work so effortlessly.  Her carefree attitude was further accentuated with a hassle-free sling bag and that gorgeous smile.


Ethnic Chic

A black outfit is something you wouldn’t dare wear on a hot summery afternoon. But what we loved is how she made it work with the neckpiece, the loose ponytail and the mustard yellow bag. The monotony of the outfit is effortlessly broken with the purple and dull yellow color palate.


Pretty in Pastel

The look is refreshing and clean and the hairdo is perfect for a hot summer day. We love how she looks dainty and charismatic with such ease. The pleated maxi skirt caught many an eye in the crowd. We absolutely loved the combination of peach with an off white.


Something New, Something Blue

You don’t always have to go short to beat the summer heat and look stylish. Our next pick has done it just ‘Like a BOSS’. The blue rosette blouse teamed with a long linen skirt just did the trick. The tan belt does its job without taking away the overall look of the outfit. We love this look through and through. Don’t miss the Kolhapuri chappals adding a slight Indian touch to the over-all outfit.

Want more? We promise you that we well surely treat your fashion senses. Stay tuned for the next 4 of the 20 best dressed and trust us this is just the beginning.


Photography by: Sid-Art Photography
Find him at: Sid-Art.co

You’re my Hunny-bun, Sugar-plum!

With Valentine’s Day just 3 days away, you might just be on the verge of panic!

Worry not. Confetti is here to save the day, once more!
With these amazing easy-to-make DIYs, you’re going to win his (or her) heart and more than a few brownie points too 😉

Let’s get started already.

Miniature Valentine’s Heart Cake

With fifty shades of pink, you’re going for his heart right through his stomach.



Click here to get started on the recipe right away!

A Lover of Books

You know she loves books, and you’ve gone through her goodreads.com account to know what she wants to read next. Books always make a great gift. Now show her how thoughtful you can be, by adding this slight loving-touch to the already lovely gesture.


Click here for the easy tutorial.

Sweet-Tooth Heart Candy Pops

Pink is her favourite colour AND she loves candies? Get working on this gift right away. Super-easy to make and she’s going to love the effort you put in to picking out all the pink and red M & M’s for her 🙂


Easy tutorial right here!

Cliche is the new… well cliche!

So you’re all burnt out on that gift, and have nothing left to say what’s on your mind? Use these easy-to-make card tricks to make an instant yet witty greeting card for him!



We know you don’t need a tutorial for this. So we’ll let your creativity flow out on this one 😉



Wanderlust – Travel theme party ideas!

Who doesn’t like to throw a party? We know we absolutely love it! Especially ‘cos throwing a party is just another reason to get our creative juices flowing. This was a theme we had been wanting to use for ages and now was the perfect time. We are very passionate about travelling and this was the perfect opportunity to help people learn more about the world we live in!

Invite:  We downloaded a passport picture from the internet and made our own invite that was sent over the famous ‘Whatsapp’ to all our guests!


The guests seemed very enthusiastic about the theme, and started discussing their countries immediately!

Games:  We had three games. Two were chosen according to the travel theme and one was chosen keeping in mind that Republic Day was coming up.

  1. Paper-craft Airplanes
    The first was an activity game.
    We cut craft paper into square pieces of 10cm x 10cm.
    The guests were taught how to make paper airplanes and were asked to make the maximum they could in 1 1/2 minutes.
    The result was a fun game and a number of coloured airplanes.You can use those airplanes to decorate your room or make an airplane mobile for your little baby as well.


  2. World Quiz
    We’ve upload a free printable version of the quiz. Just click on this – WORLD QUIZ.
    The guests were given 1 1/2 minutes to complete the quiz, all they had to do was tick the right answer from the options.
    (This was their favourite game!)
  3. Patriotic Song Quiz
    We played a recording of the ‘middle part’ of 10 Bollywood Patriotic songs and the guests were given a paper on which they had to write down the first line of the song. This game created a lot of interest and we had a lot of fun answers coming our way.

Food:We ordered one dish from different world cuisines – Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish and Indian!
The desserts were earth shaped cupcakes with tiny country flag toppers. They were a hit!

(Recipe coming up in our next blog)

IMG_20140120_113444                 IMG_20140120_134317

Party Favours/Party Giveaways/Return Gifts:

We wanted to stick by the theme, and decided to buy fun travel kits for all the guests who attended the party! We placed them all on a table, and put up a ‘Baggage Claim’ board alongside. A few of our travel-themed paintings added to the overall ambiance.


To add a little touch of our own, we decided to make our own luggage tags for all of them.

IMG_20140120_181658                  IMG_20140120_181423

All you have to do is buy ID card holders and insert these printed travel-quotes in them.

The prize money was handed out in travel-themed envelopes.


The party was a success and everyone enjoyed a lot. Our favourite part though? Planning it, of course!

Let’s do the Macaroon-a!

French Macarons are surrounded by such bad press these days about being so difficult to make. I’m not a baker, heck! I don’t even cook. However, a close friend’s love for Macarons inspired me to try my hand at it. Surprisingly, they weren’t as hard to make as I had anticipated and they tasted absolutely delicious too (I was told this by others, though I’m a pretty good judge myself :P).


Prodded by my friends to share the recipe, I decided to share it with all of you too. Learn how to make macarons with a picture tutorial and a video that we followed. We’d love to hear how your Macarons turn out too, do comment on the little box below!

Preparation time:20 minutes

Cooking time:16 minutes

What you will require:

  • 100gms  ground almond (almond meal)
  • 150gms icing sugar (or powdered sugar)
  • 50gms castor sugar (or fine/granulated sugar)
  • Few drops of food colour (we used red)
  • 3 Egg Whites
  • Vanilla Essence


How to make the Macarons:

  • Blanch (peel) the almonds and grind about 150gms of whole almonds to make about 100gms of ground almonds.
  • Take 150gms of icing sugar and along with the ground almonds, process this in a food processor to form a soft mixture.
  • Sieve this mixture into a bowl and throw away any hardened remains that are left over. This ensures a smooth, fine mixture. Set this aside.
  • In a separate bowl, take three egg whites and beat them with an electric beater. This process is a little time consuming – but be patient. While you are beating the eggs, at regular intervals pour in the castor sugar. Whisk the eggs until you have a glossy, soft texture. The whites should now be firm without dripping (as shown in the picture below).
  • 20140108_211249

  • Add about 3-4 drops off vanilla essence and fold with a spatula.
  • Add 4-5 drops of red liquid food colour (ensure you use very little food colouring).
  • Little by little add the ground almond-icing sugar mixture to the egg whites and fold with a spatula to make a smooth paste (batter).
  • 20140108_212434

  • Fill up this batter in a piping cone with a round nozzle and place small-medium sized round lumps on butter paper placed on a baking tray.
  • Gently tap the side of the tray to release any air bubbles (we gently dropped the tray from a small height onto a floor mat) and you will get a smooth surface of the batter.
  • 20140108_214707

  • Leave the tray aside for 20minutes. Meanwhile pre-heat the oven to 140°C for 5minutes.
  • Bake the macarons at 160°C for 7-8 minutes. Let the air out for a few seconds, and bake again for another 7-8 minutes.
  • The macarons are ready when they have a hard base when you tap them. Remove them from the oven and let them cool for 10-15minutes. Do not attempt to peel them off the butter paper before that (no matter how excited you are).
  • They should look like the picture below:


  • You can then peel off the macarons and fill it up with either melted white chocolate or vanilla icing (we chose the latter).
  • Refrigerate them for 24hours to eat them at their best. (We were fairly tempted, so ate a few right away)
  • Proudly show them to everyone around but make sure you have the first piece!


To make things easier, we have linked you to the video tutorial that we followed. You can watch the video – here!