‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Welcome to the Confetti Blog, where celebrating life just became a lot more fun!

As promised earlier this month, we present to you our Christmas Surprise!
Over the year, we have sold various hand-made products that each of you have loved and raved over – like our bow headbands, hand-painted diyas, fortune cookies for Valentines’ Day and so much more!
As a Christmas present to all of you, we would like to include you in our hand-made success. This blog will focus on the DIY (do-it-yourself) aspect of Confetti, along with fun and inspiring quotes, fashion updates and anything else we think will make you celebrate the little moments of life.

This week our focus is on Christmas, the season of giving!

Be it Secret Santa presents, X’mas craft with your kids or crafty Sundays with your girlfriends – our ideas this week, will leave you in the best of spirits! Make sure you’re tuned in daily

Turn an old wine bottle into an X’mas night lamp!


What you will require:


  • An old wine bottle (preferably tinted)
  • Baking Soda
  • Soap
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Fairy lights (Available in any Christmas exhibition around the city for Rs.60-Rs.100)




Most wine bottles come with a label stuck around them.Scraping off the label can be a difficult task. To make things easier, we recommend a tried an tested method. Fill the wine bottle with water and leave it in a bucket full off water, overnight. In the bucket, add 5 tablespoons of baking soda and some liquid soap. The next morning, just pull the label off and scrape of the residue with a butter knife.

The next step is to paint a snowman (or any other Christmas picture of your choice) onto the wine bottle. We used acrylic paints and they seemed to work pretty well. Once you’re done painting, insert the fairy lights into your bottle and turn it on.

Voila! Your night lamp is ready.

Confetti Tip: Use the night lamp for a perfect romantic cuddle session with your partner! Dim fairy lights surely add the magic.

Perfect table set-up for a Christmas dinner!


The picture does all the talking for us in this one.
You can purchase the Santa stocking for Rs.40 at any Christmas sale/exhibition.
People who live in Bangalore can purchase their Christmas decorations from any party store on Ibrahim Street (parallel to Commercial Street). Our favourite is Lakshmi Stores (they gave us free chai!).

Turn a table napkin into an elf-hat!


You can learn how to make the elf-hat – here!

Confetti Tip: Include little surprise goodies inside each stocking for the kids. We’re sure they’ll love it!

Crafty Christmas Card:


What you will require:


  • White and Green craft paper
  • Red and Black sketch pens
  • Glue





Fan fold the green paper as shown in the above picture, in three different sizes.


Stick the middle two parts together to make a fan.

Fold the white craft paper into a card, and stick the three different fans in the shape of an X’mas tree. Draw a red star above the tip of the X’mas tree and write your message. Your 3D Christmas card is ready!

Confetti Tip: Make sure you write your message before you stick the tree onto the card. This is a brilliant craft session for the kids at school.

Milk Bottle Reindeer – for kids!

These are adorable milk bottles for your little ones to use during Christmas. We guarantee the milk will all be gone without any fuss! Learn how to make these – here!

Confetti Tip: The reindeer antlers (pipe cleaners) can be purchased in any stationery store in the city for Rs.8 each. We bought ours at Malleshwaram 8th Cross in Bangalore.

Christmas Eve Gift Hamper!


Create a gift hamper with Christmas movies, Christmas books, a pair of comfy pajamas, warm socks and lots of goodies for a perfect Christmas eve! You can get your inspiration – here!

That’s all for now folks! We hope you have an exciting time making these. Do drop us a comment if you liked our ideas.
Have a sparkling week! x

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