On the 19th day of Christmas my true love gave to me – A bunch of fun treats from Confetti!

What a lovely response from all you lovely people! We are so glad that you enjoyed our first blog post. Today’s post include tiny DIYs that are easy to make and not so heavy on your pockets!

Treats from Santa – NOT!


Spoof your kids or a colleague with these funny treats from Santa.
We’re sure they won’t be expecting snowman poop!


What you will require:


  • Tic tac box (available in any supermarket for Rs.10 a box)
  • Card paper
  • Black sketch pen




Cut and fold the card paper into a small card big enough to fit the tic tac box. Write this or your own funny poem on snowman poop!

And for those who haven’t been in the Christmas mood this season – you have the ‘Grinch Pills’.

You can Google tutorials on ‘how to draw the Grinch’ and make your own ‘Grinch Pills’ X’mas treat!


Tea-Cups for a Cold Christmas Morning with your Love!


Christmas time means cold winter mornings and what better way to spend it than snuggled up with your partner, drinking hot tea or coffee! These tiny tea-cups are so easy to make and can have ANY message of your choice!


What you will require:


  • Tiny (or big) white tea-cups (available in any cutlery store in town for Rs.50-Rs. 150 per cup)
  • Black Permanent Marker




Draw and write any message on your tea-cups with the black permanent marker. In order to have it stay for longer, dry out the cups in the sun for 3 days (this is known as baking). Only hand-wash the cups (the ink isn’t dishwasher friendly).

The cups are ready to use in 3 days!

Reindeer Parking Signboard


Make your home X’mas friendly (and fun) with this super-cute sign-board! Sure to make the guests laugh when they walk-in.

What you will require:


  • Old cardboard
  • Rope
  • Punching machine
  • Red Paint
  • White paint




As seen in the picture, cut the cardboard out to a desired size. Paint it red and leave it to dry. Once the paint dries, paint the sign onto it in white paint. Punch holes on either ends and slip a rope through it to hang. Your sign is now ready-to-hang.

Who knows? Santa might just drop by because of your awesome sense of humour! 😉

Make your own Christmas Tree out of an old magazine.


You can find the tutorial – here!
Come back tomorrow for more fun stuff to make for Christmas.

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