9 Ways to Wear Bralets


One of the hottest trends this season is the bralet, or bustier! Lightweight, fun and available in plenty of designs and styles, this little piece of clothing can be teamed with absolutely anything in your wardrobe and turned into a new look each time. What’s more, this funky crop top looks equally flattering on girls of all sizes. Personally, I’m a size 8 and was unsure as to how I would be able to wear this midriff revealing top. Turns out, I managed to carry it off just fine.


Below are listed 9 different ways you can wear the bralet and absolutely rock this tiny top with any style.


  • With high waist jeans/jeggings/pants (if you’re conscious about your tummy fat like I am, this is a great way to hide the flab and appear slimmer)

  • With low waist jeans (a trendy look for those who are confident enough to bare their midriff)

  • With a high waist peplum skirt (picture included)

  • With a blazer/sweater/cardigan (winter wear can be fun too)

  • With a pencil skirt (for those elegant lunches)



  • With loose tank tops (for a casual look)

  • With larger cut-out tops, sheer or lace tops (if you’re up for mixing and matching, this is a great way to team the bralet)

  • With a maxi or long skirt (picture included)

  • With a denim jacket (I personally love this one, gives the whole look a very rugged and exciting feel)


You can own a bralet by just visiting our facebook store and placing an order right away! Stay tuned for more fashion updates by Confetti.

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