Wanderlust – Travel theme party ideas!

Who doesn’t like to throw a party? We know we absolutely love it! Especially ‘cos throwing a party is just another reason to get our creative juices flowing. This was a theme we had been wanting to use for ages and now was the perfect time. We are very passionate about travelling and this was the perfect opportunity to help people learn more about the world we live in!

Invite:  We downloaded a passport picture from the internet and made our own invite that was sent over the famous ‘Whatsapp’ to all our guests!


The guests seemed very enthusiastic about the theme, and started discussing their countries immediately!

Games:  We had three games. Two were chosen according to the travel theme and one was chosen keeping in mind that Republic Day was coming up.

  1. Paper-craft Airplanes
    The first was an activity game.
    We cut craft paper into square pieces of 10cm x 10cm.
    The guests were taught how to make paper airplanes and were asked to make the maximum they could in 1 1/2 minutes.
    The result was a fun game and a number of coloured airplanes.You can use those airplanes to decorate your room or make an airplane mobile for your little baby as well.


  2. World Quiz
    We’ve upload a free printable version of the quiz. Just click on this – WORLD QUIZ.
    The guests were given 1 1/2 minutes to complete the quiz, all they had to do was tick the right answer from the options.
    (This was their favourite game!)
  3. Patriotic Song Quiz
    We played a recording of the ‘middle part’ of 10 Bollywood Patriotic songs and the guests were given a paper on which they had to write down the first line of the song. This game created a lot of interest and we had a lot of fun answers coming our way.

Food:We ordered one dish from different world cuisines – Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish and Indian!
The desserts were earth shaped cupcakes with tiny country flag toppers. They were a hit!

(Recipe coming up in our next blog)

IMG_20140120_113444                 IMG_20140120_134317

Party Favours/Party Giveaways/Return Gifts:

We wanted to stick by the theme, and decided to buy fun travel kits for all the guests who attended the party! We placed them all on a table, and put up a ‘Baggage Claim’ board alongside. A few of our travel-themed paintings added to the overall ambiance.


To add a little touch of our own, we decided to make our own luggage tags for all of them.

IMG_20140120_181658                  IMG_20140120_181423

All you have to do is buy ID card holders and insert these printed travel-quotes in them.

The prize money was handed out in travel-themed envelopes.


The party was a success and everyone enjoyed a lot. Our favourite part though? Planning it, of course!


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