Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Part 1

Little babies don’t really understand much about special days, and can’t do much either. So, it’s usually up to the mothers to get creative. With Father’s Day in India approaching fast, you may be wondering how you’re going to make the day special for all the Daddies out there. Here’s how! Confetti has compiled a list of 5 fun and unique photographic gift ideas for father’s day you can make for the hero of your child’s life – with the help of your baby!

Twin Feet!

If you have a set of twins, this is the cutest father’s day gift idea you can adopt! Write a cute message on their feet and click a picture! This is something the daddy is going to treasure all his life.



Courtesy: http://www.thehowtomommy.com

Big Feet, Big Shoes!

Dress up your little one in daddy’s cap and shoes. Take a fun picture and use an online software to type up this fun poem alongside.
Funny and touchy – this one is sure to add meaning to the special day.

Father's Day Gift Ideas


Courtesy: http://www.everydaypeoplestudios.com

Daddy loves you too!

Make a cute and playful placard out of an old cardboard piece and hand it to  your baby. Watch the pictures come to life while your little monster plays around with it. Capture the special moments and form a collage out of it as a gift idea for father’s day!

Father's Day Gift Ideas


Courtesy: http://debbydittaphotography.blogspot.in/

Why should babies have all the fun?

These father’s day gift ideas are not only restricted to the babies. Older kids, or YOU can have fun with it too! Get creative and form a message with the form of cut-out letters and a picture collage! Follow the ideas below or let us know one you tried out yourself!

Father's Day Gift IdeasCourtesy: http://www.markballas.com

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Courtesy: http://www.emilysummers-designer.blogspot.com

Do leave a comment with anything fun you tried out for Father’s Day. We will be back with more DIY and craft gift ideas for Father’s Day soon!


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