Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Part 2

With around 3 days remaining for Father’s Day, you may want ideas for father’s day gifts that are easier and quicker to make. Worry not, we’ve got some fantastic gift ideas that are creative and cute at the same time!

Tie Boxes

Surprise your dad in the morning by having his cereal boxes re-designed. He’s going to love the little touch up on the otherwise boring start to the day! Father’s day just got better 😉

father's day gift boxSource: www.eighteen25.blogspot.in

The Great Remote War

Are you the kind who constantly has fights with their dad on who gets to watch TV? Maybe it’s time to be the bigger person this Father’s Day and hand-over the TV remote to your dad (just for the day though :P). While you’re at it, add this cute little tag to make him smile.

Father's Day Remote Gift

Source: www.somewhatsimple.com/fathers-day-cookies

Best Daddy Hands Down

If you’re the mother of a little baby, and want to show your husband that he’s been an amazing father… why not use a little help from the toddler anyway? This idea is sure to make a memory and touch his heart too!

Father's Day Gift

Best Father’s Day Gift

 Dress up your little monster in this baby romper and have him run to his father. Let the daddy know who’s boss 😉


Source: www.skreened.com/glamfoxx/father-s-day-gift

Please his Heart, Through his Stomach

Like they say, the best way to please a man’s heart is through his stomach. This applies for the loving father’s as well. Cook him a well thought-out meal and have him know that he’s your most special man, any day – everyday!


You can find more recipes – here!

 If you loved these ideas, stay tuned. We have more DIY and gift ideas coming up!

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