Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Part 2

With around 3 days remaining for Father’s Day, you may want ideas for father’s day gifts that are easier and quicker to make. Worry not, we’ve got some fantastic gift ideas that are creative and cute at the same time! Tie Boxes Surprise your dad in the morning by having his cereal boxes re-designed. He’s going to love […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Part 1

Little babies don’t really understand much about special days, and can’t do much either. So, it’s usually up to the mothers to get creative. With Father’s Day in India approaching fast, you may be wondering how you’re going to make the day special for all the Daddies out there. Here’s how! Confetti has compiled a […]

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 4

Trends that have no season and are eternal – such fashion to us is ‘personal style’. In our next segment we show you more divas that clearly caught everyone’s attention with their fashion sense and sensibility. Here’s part 4 of our Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion. Bohemian Rhapsody! We are a die-hard […]

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 3

Hola Senoritas! Hope all you divas out there had a fun and exciting weekend. As promised we are back with our next segment of fashionistas to kick start your week. Drive away your Monday morning blues by treating your fashion senses with part 3 of our Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion. Bold as […]

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion – Part 2

We are back with more styles, flamboyance and gorgeously dressed women. Here’s part 2 to the Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion. Do it Derby Style! The navy blue dress is completely spiced up with the elaborate hair accessory. What we love is the confidence with which she flaunts it. The gold jewelry […]

Top 20 Best Dressed Bangaloreans – Street Fashion

Fun, Flea, Food, Music…. Oh and how can we forget Bohemia with loads of chic fashion and hippie love! Strolling around on a lazy Sunday at Soul Sante, we were truly awestruck with how well all flea market revelers were dressed. To top it off, they carried it off with such élan that we didn’t […]

You’re my Hunny-bun, Sugar-plum!

With Valentine’s Day just 3 days away, you might just be on the verge of panic! Worry not. Confetti is here to save the day, once more! With these amazing easy-to-make DIYs, you’re going to win his (or her) heart and more than a few brownie points too 😉 Let’s get started already. Miniature Valentine’s […]

Wanderlust – Travel theme party ideas!

Who doesn’t like to throw a party? We know we absolutely love it! Especially ‘cos throwing a party is just another reason to get our creative juices flowing. This was a theme we had been wanting to use for ages and now was the perfect time. We are very passionate about travelling and this was […]

Let’s do the Macaroon-a!

French Macarons are surrounded by such bad press these days about being so difficult to make. I’m not a baker, heck! I don’t even cook. However, a close friend’s love for Macarons inspired me to try my hand at it. Surprisingly, they weren’t as hard to make as I had anticipated and they tasted absolutely […]